Fun Chinese Course

Fun ChineseFun Chinese Course is a great way to introduce your children to the Chinese language.

Our language learning activities will engage and entertain your children while immersing them in Mandarin Chinese, both spoken and written. Mandarin Chinese is the most popular variant of Chinese, having over one billion native speakers. It is spoken in mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

What does Fun Chinese Course do and who is it for?

  • Teaches children Mandarin Chinese language through games and activities
  • Designed by language learning experts for kids aged from 3-10
  • Suitable for toddlers, preschool children and kindergarten kids.
  • Older kids and adults enjoy our Mandarin Chinese language learning games too!

Features of Fun Chinese Language Learning Games

  • Engaging learning games will keep your child entertained as they learn.
  • 5 or more unique learning games in each fun-packed language lesson.
  • Original music, songs, sound effects and beautiful cartoon artwork.

How does Fun Chinese Course work?

The Fun Chinese course is divided into lessons. Each lesson teaches core vocabulary and presents words in several contexts to assist learning and retention. We have professionally recorded voices using different tones and expressions so that learners can pick up on the subtleties of pronunciation.

Each game is unique, meaning your child will enjoy playing, and learn more of the Mandarin Chinese language.

Lessons in the Fun Chinese Course

  • Colors – including the verb ‘to be’
  • Animals – introducing singular and plural
  • Numbers – from one to ten
  • The House – including prepositions
  • Vehicles - introducing adjectives

How to download Fun Chinese Course

Fun Chinese Course is available to download for free from the Apple App Store and the Amazon Appstore.