Fun English Stories

An educational, interactive storybook and sentence building game that’s great for helping kids to enjoy reading on their own. Children get to experiment at their own pace, and they’ll easily be able to construct sentences by themselves right away.

By learning English through play, they’ll develop their own love for learning the English language.


What does Fun English Stories do and who is it for?

  • Teaches young kids basic reading, grammar & useful vocabulary
  • A great way for children to enjoy reading on their own
  • Original music, sound effects and beautiful cartoon artwork
  • The stories make reading English easy and fun!

How Fun English Stories Works

Fun English StoriesEach scene of each story is an interactive page full of fun toys and new vocabulary. Like a puzzle, each page starts with a jumbled sentence. To advance, children must put the words together in the correct order, to make the sentence and continue the story.

Once they’ve completed the challenge, the page comes to life – the story animates, and the characters talk to each other and react to your kids actions. Each and every page has many hidden interactive functions for kids to discover, making learning English fun.

When words are selected they are vocalized. By hearing the words repeated every time they are selected, children naturally begin to memorize the vocabulary and “sight words”. They’ll also pick up many new common expressions , such as “good idea!” .

The stories are full of simple sentences, so non-native and very young readers can easily understand. Your child will quickly learn the rules of English sentence structure and grammar as they get faster at putting sentences together.

Educational Benefits

Fun English Stories will help your child to:

  • Advance their reading, listening and speaking skills
  • Learn the rules of English sentence structure and grammar
  • Memorize vocabulary and “sight words”, such as “how”, “doesn’t” & “want”
  • Learn on their own at their own pace!

Fun English Stories - Learn to ReadFun English Stories complement language skills learned by users of Fun English. The stories further advance young learners’ English skills.

Each story is based on the vocabulary from a Fun English lesson and shows vocabulary from the lessons in context, allowing kids to review and expand their mastery of the vocabulary.

Try Fun English Stories for Free

The first story is available to download for free. Additional stories will be available to purchase in the very near future.

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