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What Does Fun English Course Do?

Fun English teaches children the English language through games and activities. Our English language course is divided into lessons. Each English lesson teaches core vocabulary and presents words in several contexts to assist learning and retention.

Who is Fun English Course for?

  • Fun English is designed to teach English to kids aged from 3-10
  • It’s ideal for preschool children and kindergarten kids
  • However, older kids and adults enjoy it too!

What lessons are included in the Fun English Course?

All English lessons listed below are included within the course.

  • Colors – including the verb “to be”
  • Animals – introducing singular and plural
  • Numbers – including spelling
  • The Body – including the verb “to have”
  • Fruits – including “likes/doesn’t like”
  • Food – including “want/don’t want”
  • Clothes – including “he/she is wearing”
  • Vehicles – introducing adjectives
  • The House – including the verb “to put”
  • Sea Animals – including comparatives

Help, I have a problem with Fun English on my device?

If you are experiencing difficulties with Fun English, check out our support area for further information. Select one of the options below:

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact us by email on

More About Fun English Language Course

How to buy the Fun English Course?

Fun English Course is available for Android and Apple iOS devices, and is available to purchase from the Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore & Google Play.

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