Fun English Lessons

The following lessons are available within Fun English Language Learning Games.

Learn the Colors

Learn to speak and spell the colors. Introduction to the verb ‘to be’.

  • colors_pumkin@2x-294x300Bubbles – Catch as many colored bubbles as you can, but only the ones that you hear!
  • Memory – Adds a new twist to the classic memory game. Don’t touch the wrong card!
  • Color Search – Find all the colored things in the scene.
  • Palette – Mix and match colors and paint pictures.
  • Spellbounce – A delightful way to learn spelling. Spell the colors as fast you can.

Learn the Animals


Learn 10 animals in English. Learn singular and plural forms.

  • Silhouettes – learn the names of the animals by recognizing their shapes
  • Two by Two – learn the plural form of the animals
  • Spellbounce – learn to spell the names of the animals
  • Whack – practice singular and plural listening against the clock
  • Voice Choice – record your own voice to test your speaking and listening ability

Learn the Body Parts

Learn to speak and spell the parts of the human body.

  • body_pumkin@2xClown Face – learn the parts of the face
  • Body Song – sing along, tap the words, and learn have and has
  • The Juggler – learn the parts of the body
  • Gorilla – learn to spell the parts of the gorilla’s body
  • Monster Match – test your memory and build your own monster
  • Blast! – introduction to sight words

Learn the Clothes


Learn the names of clothes. Learn ‘he/she is wearing’.

  • Shop – introduction to the clothes
  • Clothes Song – listen along and tap the words in time
  • Two by Two – match up the clothes and learn their names
  • Spellbounce – spell the clothes hanging on the line
  • Elimination – practice your listening, try and figure out who’s being described

Learn the Foods

Learn the names of the foods in English. Learn the verb ‘to want’.

  • food_pumkin@2xPlatter Scatter – match pairs of foods
  • Mood for Food – the food song
  • Splat! – listen to the food and hit it!
  • Banquet – find all the foods on the table
  • Bear Food – spell the names of the foods
  • Feed the Hippo – listen to what the hippo does and doesn’t want to eat.

Learn the Fruits


Learn the names of the fruits in English. Learn the verb ‘to like’.

  • Fruit Song – listen along and tap the words in time
  • Smash – introduction to the fruits
  • Christmas – find the fruits hidden in the scene
  • Fruit Mouse – lead the mouse through the maze to spell each fruit
  • Feed the Beast – learn likes and doesn’t like

Learn the Numbers

Learn to speak and understand, spell and read the numbers 1 to 10.

  • numbers_pumkin@2xThe Ten Fish – Shoot the fish ten times to learn the numbers in order.
  • Bomb Balls – Find matching numbers while keeping control of the bombs
  • Number Hunt – Listen and touch the numbers against the clock
  • Tumble – Improve listening accuracy
  • Word Mouse – Run the mouse around the maze and spell the numbers

Learn the Vehicles


Learn to speak and spell the names of the vehicles. Learn adjectives.

  • Blocks – introduction to the vehicles
  • Three Cups – learn the adjectives
  • Traffic – practice listening to the adjectives and vehicles
  • Word Pilot – spell each of the vehicles
  • Voice Choice – record your voice

Learn about the House

Learn to speak spell furniture and the rooms of the house. Learn the verb ‘to put’ and prepositions.

Fun English House Lesson

  • The Mover – learn the items of furniture
  • Puzzle – learn the names of the rooms
  • Three Sheds – test your memory of furniture and rooms
  • Spellbounce – spell all the vocabulary you’ve learned
  • Put – test your knowledge by filling the house with furniture

Learn the Sea Animals

Learn the animals of the sea. Learn comparatives.

Fun English Sea Animals Lesson

  • The Diner – learn the names of the sea animals
  • Aquarium – test your listening
  • Wordswim – spell the names of the sea animals
  • Sea Song – introduction to comparatives
  • Bigmouth – start small, but grow and grow until you’re bigger than a whale!

How to Download & Buy Fun English?

Fun English is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Download it for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store. Your first English lesson is included for free. Additional lessons are available as in-app purchases individually or save money by purchasing our multi-lesson packs.

It’s also available for Android devices from the Amazon App Store, where the full course is available to buy with a single upfront payment. A free to try lesson is also available to download.

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