Language learning apps by Studycat

At Studycat, we create language learning apps that are built to engage, entertain and educate kids. Our expertise has been built over many years of teaching languages to children in the classroom, online and now through apps for smartphones and tablets.

About Studycat


Studycat is a very clever cat who lives in Taiwan and has friends all over the world.

To date, Studycat has helped more than 5,000,000 kids worldwide to learn languages with her amazing language learning apps for smartphones and tablets.

Reviews & Feedback

Whether your child is learning English as a second language or a preschooler starting on the road to reading, the Fun English app series will have them off and running in no time.

The iPhone Mom

Fun English….a premier level app with world-wide appeal….it offers a solid core vocabulary reinforced through interesting and enjoyable gameplay.

Fun Educational Apps