To be in the same boat – What’s the meaning?

Hey Guys, I am back. I am not much of a sailor. I don’t really like water. I am NOT scared of it. I just don’t really like it that much as it gets my fur all wet. The reason I am telling you this is because this idiom is about being in a boat.

Fun English Idioms - In the same boat

In the same boat explained

“To be in the same boat” means to be in the same difficult situation as someone else. It started many years ago when many people would sail in the same small boat. if anything happened to the boat to put them in trouble. They would all be in trouble equally.

Now people use it for many other situations. If you have a big test tomorrow, then you and your classmates are all in the same boat. Good luck! My advice is not to get into boats in the first place.

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