At Studycat, our goal is to create language learning apps that ignite kids natural learning abilities with a large variety of educational games that encourage critical thinking and build the foundations of language.

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Fun English

Fun English is the perfect start for your child’s English language learning journey.

  • Award-winning starter program for young children
  • Designed by teachers and language learning experts
  • Trusted by schools and teachers across the world
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Fun English for Schools

Use the Fun English for Schools curriculum and tools in your nursery, preschool or kindergarten to kick-start your students English skills.

  • Comprehensive 3 year curriculum
  • Monitor students progress
  • Set homework assignments tailored to your students
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The story behind our apps

Our learning programs are based on real classroom experience. We started as teachers and the classroom taught us that games make great teachers and that children learn most effectively through play. Children have a natural curiosity, they appreciate humour and they love to be challenged.

Our teaching experience has reinforced this simple wisdom, and we consider it the keystone of our teaching philosophy.