Language learning apps for kids by Studycat

Language learning apps for kids

At Studycat, our goal is to create language learning apps that ignite kids natural learning abilities with a large variety of educational games that encourage critical thinking and build the foundations of language.

Our learning programs are based on real classroom experience. We started out as teachers and the classroom taught us that games make great teachers and that children learn most effectively through play. They have a natural curiosity, they appreciate humour and they love to be challenged. Our teaching experience has reinforced this simple wisdom, and we consider it the keystone of our teaching philosophy.

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Fun English | Learn English by Studycat - Language learning games for kids

Games are great teachers!
Fun English has a huge variety of games to play, and each one teaches useful basic English. Learn colors, numbers, animals, food, clothes, and so much more.

Learn English

Fun Chinese | Learn Chinese by Studycat - Mandarin Chinese for kids

You can pick up Chinese, no problem!
Practice vocabulary, sentences, and comprehension. Build an excellent base in this challenging language with a wide array of great games.

Learn Chinese

Fun French | Learn French by Studycat - Language learning games for kids

French is the ticket!
Vocabulary games, spelling games, sentence games and comprehension games teach you in the funnest way possible. With Fun French, learning is fun!

Learn French

Fun German | Learn German by Studycat - Language learning games for kids

Become an ace at German!
Learn colors, animals, numbers, food, vehicles, the body, fruits, clothes, the house and sea animals. Master vocabulary, sentences, spelling and comprehension.

Learn German

Fun Spanish | Learn Spanish by Studycat - Language learning games for kids

Learn Spanish by playing too!
There are vocabulary, sentence, spelling and comprehension games. Get a great start in Spanish with scores of different engaging activities. Spanish is fun!

Learn Spanish

ABC Galaxy | Learn the English Alphabet & Phonics Games for KidsLearning the English alphabet has never been so much fun! 
Take the ABC Galaxy challenge – travel through space to conquer 58 levels of amazing educational one & two-player gameplay.

Learn More!


Fun English Songs by Studycat - Learn English through music and songs

Music and language go hand in hand!
Sing basic English and test your musical skill with these ten music games from Studycat.

Learn More!


Fun English Stories by Studycat - Reading games for kids to learn English

Solve the puzzles while learning to read!
An educational, interactive storybook and sentence building game that’s great for helping kids to enjoy reading on their own.

Learn More!


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