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ABC Galaxy | Learn the English Alphabet & Phonics Games for Kids

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ABC Galaxy | Learn the English Alphabet & Phonics Games for Kids

ABC Galaxy | English Alphabet & Phonics Games


ABC Galaxy | Overview

Learning the English alphabet has never been so much fun! Take the challenge – travel through space to conquer 58 levels of amazing educational one & two-player gameplay.

ABC Galaxy is an alphabet & vocabulary learning game like no other. High-octane gameplay requires kids to launch, throw, fling and smash their way through every planet. Hit the target before it’s too late. The faster you learn the letters & words, the better your chance of victory!


Take the ABC Galaxy Challenge!

Master 42 unique one-player & 16 two-player levels of amazing gameplay. Every level poses a new challenge and you will need concentration, co-ordination, recognition, listening and problem-solving skills to win.

As you master easier words and learn to match them with their meaning, you will receive more challenging vocabulary.


Alphabet Learning Outcomes

Conquer the ABC Galaxy to learn:

  • The English alphabet from A to Z
  • Upper & lower case letters (Aa – Zz)
  • 250 useful words and common English phrases
  • Beginning phonics, reading, spelling & pronunciation

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