Fun English Stories

Fun English Stories by Studycat - Educational reading games for kids to learn English.

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Fun English Stories by Studycat - Reading games for kids to learn English

Fun English Stories

Fun English Stories | Overview

An educational, interactive storybook and sentence building game that’s great for helping kids to enjoy reading on their own. Children get to experiment at their own pace, and they’ll easily be able to construct sentences by themselves right away.

  • Teaches young kids basic reading, grammar & useful vocabulary
  • A great way for children to enjoy reading on their own
  • Original music, sound effects and beautiful cartoon artwork
  • The stories make reading English easy and fun!

How Fun English Stories Works

Each scene of each story is an interactive page full of fun toys and new vocabulary. Like a puzzle, each page starts with a jumbled sentence. To advance, children must put the words together in the correct order, to make the sentence and continue the story.

Once they’ve completed the challenge, the page comes to life – the story animates, and the characters talk to each other and react to your kids actions. Each and every page has many hidden interactive functions for kids to discover, making learning English fun.

Learning Outcomes

Fun English Stories will help your child to:

  • Advance their reading, listening and speaking skills
  • Learn the rules of English sentence structure and grammar
  • Memorize vocabulary and “sight words”, such as “how”, “doesn’t” & “want”
  • Learn on their own at their own pace!




I am an elementary school ESL teacher, and my kids absolutely adored this app as an activity. It has loads of listening and reading skills for kids to learn. A+!

— Parent of Fun English Stories User

These stories are groovy! What a cool game. Good job. Please make more.

— Fun English Stories User

Puzzles on every page with loads of interactive characters and other fun stuff to keep your little ones busy.

— Parent of Fun English Stories User

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