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Fun Spanish

Fun Spanish | Learn Spanish by Studycat - Educational games for kids to learn the Spanish language.

Spanish language learning games Spanish Learning Games 
Game-based language learning for kids!

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Fun Spanish | Learn Spanish by Studycat - Language learning games for kids

Spanish Language Learning Games for Kids

Fun Spanish | Overview

Fun Spanish has a wide variety of games that teach listening, speaking, spelling, useful vocabulary and simple sentences. 

  • Complete starter program for young children
  • 70+ Spanish language learning activities
  • Designed by teachers for kids of ages 3-10
  • Learn Spanish the fun way!

Spanish Lessons for Kids

Themed lessons teach kids core Spanish vocabulary and present words in several contexts to assist learning and retention.

  • Colors – Say and spell the major colors in Spanish
  • Animals – Meet many animals alone and in groups
  • Numbers – Learn how to count in Spanish
  • The Body – Learn the major parts of the body
  • Fruits – Talk about the fruits you like
  • School Bag – Learn classroom objects and whose they are
  • Food – Learn how to say the food you want
  • Clothes – Describe the clothing people are wearing
  • Vehicles – Describe things, like cars and bicycles
  • The House – Learn furniture, rooms and where they are
  • Sea Animals – Compare things, like sharks and turtles
  • Actions – Learn how to use Spanish action verbs

Learning to Read, Speak & Spell in Spanish!

Fun Spanish will engage and entertain your children while immersing them in the Spanish language, both spoken and written.

The voices use different tones and expressions so that learners can pick up on the subtleties of pronunciation.

  • Read, speak & spell 200 Spanish words and phrases
  • Practice and master Spanish pronunciation
  • Study Spanish listening and comprehension
  • Learn Spanish grammar and reading skills!

Awards & Reviews of Fun Spanish

Fun Spanish is a Tutorfair Award Winner - Best Educational Apps & Learning Tools

Fun Spanish is Recommended by Educational App Store


This is a great app. My seven-year-old daughter has been using it years for two and still loves it. Her vocabulary started to grow immediately, and now with the voice record feature, her pronunciation is improving too!!!

— Parent of Fun Spanish User

Within a few days my daughter knew over 20 words, she's 3! She loves playing it and has no idea she's learning

— Parent of Fun Spanish User

I dowloaded this app for my 11yo middle schooler who is taking for the first time in 6th grade. He enjoys it and even though the age rating is 4-10 it's great for any beginner Spanish student. 

— Parent of Fun Spanish User

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