Just in time for Halloween I am going to have a look at this app called Halloween – Coloring Puzzles for Kids. It’s a really cool app with great artwork and stuff for kids to play with.

On the home screen there are a selection of characters you can choose from. Four are available for free and lots more are open if you buy the full version. Click on any icon to go to the puzzle and you will need to put the pieces together. Be sure to explore the page to find out what all the other things do.

Once you have found the right places for all the parts you can go and use the coloring area. This is good fun. Kids will enjoy spending time here. Select a color on the right and start to color to your hearts content. The magic border technology works really well. There is an eraser tool as well in case you want to do something again.

As a really cool addition you can also find some paper cutouts of all the cool characters that you have met. There is one for free and a whole host more if you buy the full version.

What we liked

The artwork is really nice. The coloring level is well-made and fun to play with.

What we would like to change

It’s a bit repetitive. The background for all the characters is the same.

Studycat Rating: 3/4

  • Availability: iOS – iPad & iPhone.
  • Price: Full Version USD $1:99
  • Safety: All external links and payments were behind a parental wall at the time of writing this review.

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