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We create language learning apps that provide learners with a variety of games to ignite their natural language abilities.

Our Language Learning Apps

Fun English

Fun EnglishFun English

Games are great teachers! Fun English has a huge variety of games to play, and each one teaches useful basic English. Learn colors, numbers, animals, food, clothes, and so much more.


ABC Galaxy

ABC GalaxyABC Galaxy

Learning the English alphabet has never been so much fun! Take the ABC Galaxy challenge – travel through space to conquer 58 levels of amazing educational one & two-player gameplay.


Fun English Stories

Fun English StoriesFun English Stories

An educational, interactive storybook and sentence building game that’s great for helping kids to enjoy reading. Kids experiment at their own pace and learn to construct sentences by themselves right away.


Fun Spanish

Fun Spanish by StudycatFun Spanish

Learn Spanish by playing too!  There are vocabulary games, sentence games, spelling games and comprehension games. Get a great start in Spanish with scores of different engaging activities. Spanish is fun!


Fun Chinese

Fun ChineseFun Chinese

You can pick up Chinese, no problem! Practice vocabulary, sentences, and comprehension. Build an excellent base in this challenging language with a wide array of great games.


Fun French

Fun French by StudycatFun French

French is the ticket! Vocabulary games, spelling games, sentence games and comprehension games teach you in the funnest way possible. With Fun French, learning is fun!


Fun German

Fun German by StudycatFun German

Become an ace at German! Learn colors, animals, numbers, food, vehicles, the body, fruits, clothes, the house and sea animals. Master vocabulary, sentences, spelling and comprehension.


Studycat for Schools

studycat_logoApps for Schools

Are you a teacher looking for fun learning activities to help your kids acquire language skills? We can help, our apps are used by schools across the world.


About Studycat


The Studycat team have been teaching languages to kids since the last century! We started out as teachers in the classroom, then built our own school and then transferred our expertise to online learning and finally to mobile apps…’s been quite a journey!

We’ve helped more than 6,000,000 kids worldwide to learn languages with our amazing language learning apps for smartphones and tablets.


Reviews & Feedback

Whether your child is learning English as a second language or a preschooler starting on the road to reading, the Fun English app series will have them off and running in no time.

The iPhone Mom

Fun English….a premier level app with world-wide appeal….it offers a solid core vocabulary reinforced through interesting and enjoyable gameplay.

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