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About Studycat

Studycat creates fun language learning apps for young kids.  Our goal is to ignite their natural learning abilities with a large variety of unique educational games that encourage critical thinking and build the foundations of language.


The Studycat Teaching Methodology

Studycat apps follow a clear logical progression for a beginning language learner. We introduce language that is relevant to a child’s daily life, teaching useful grammar patterns and vocabulary that can be remembered easily. Games of all kinds are used to introduce the content in a myriad of ways, allowing review without rote repetition.

About Studycat


Awards & Reviews

Fun English - Kokoa Award

Fun English - National Parenting Award

Fun Spanish - Tutorfair Award

Fun Chinese - Tutorful Award


I use this at the end of my English classes with the little ones and they love it! It's great fun & they definitely learn!

— English Teacher & Fun English User

Best app for toddlers learning Spanish. We've explored many others and this is by far the best - the games are fun, varied, creative, and very interactive.

—  Parent & Fun Spanish User

My children....didn't know how to speak German, but now, because of this app, they speak great German. Not only is this app educational, but fun!!! Best app ever!!!

— Parent of a Fun German User