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About Studycat - Language learning for kids since 2000

A Brief History of Studycat

In the beginning, we were teachers of English. The classroom taught us that games make great teachers and that children learn most effectively through play. They have a natural curiosity, they appreciate humour and they love to be challenged. Our experience has reinforced this simple wisdom, and we consider it the keystone of our teaching philosophy.

Studycat have been teaching in the classroom since 2000

In the classroom since 2000

Our learning programs are based on real classroom experience. We built our own English language school in 2000 and developed our own curriculum. We taught face to face for several years and built gameplay into all of our teaching.

Studycat Online English Course has been available since 2006

Teaching English Online Since 2006

As technology advanced, we soon realised that we could transfer these games to the internet and that they could be used to teach English to kids across the world. So, we built Pumkin Online English, an online English language learning platform. This is still available today, and it’s filled with hundreds of games and videos that were all created with the objective of making learning fun!

Our YouTube channel is called Kids Online English and has more than 53,000 subscribers and over 33 million views.

Studycat language learning apps for kids since 2011

On tablets and smartphones since 2011

When touchscreen devices came along, we started to create apps. The tactile nature of the devices made it even easier for young kids to become more engaged in the language learning environment.

The apps we create follow a clear logical progression for a beginning language learner. We introduce language that is relevant to a child’s daily life, teaching useful grammar patterns and vocabulary that can be remembered easily. Games of all kinds are used to introduce the content in a myriad of ways, allowing review without rote repetition.

We currently have language learning apps that teach English, Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

Our apps are used by more than 6 million kids across the world and consistently get 4+ star ratings from users.