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Fun Chinese | Learn Chinese by Studycat - Educational games for kids to learn Mandarin Chinese.

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Fun Chinese | Learn Chinese by Studycat - Mandarin Chinese for kids.

Mandarin Chinese Language Learning Games for Kids

Fun Chinese | Overview

Fun Chinese has a wide variety of games that teach listening, speaking and pronunciation, character recognition, useful vocabulary and simple sentences. 

  • Complete starter program for young children
  • 30+ Mandarin Chinese language learning activities
  • Designed by teachers for kids of ages 3-10
  • Kids get to Learn Mandarin Chinese the fun way!

Chinese Lessons for Kids

Our themed lessons will teach your kids core Mandarin Chinese vocabulary and present words in several contexts to assist learning and retention.

  • Colors – Learn to recognise and pronounce the colors
  • Animals – Meet many animals alone and in groups
  • Numbers – Learn how to count in Mandarin Chinese
  • The House - Learn the furniture and rooms of the house
  • Vehicles - Learn to describe things, like cars and bicycles

Learning Outcomes | Read, Speak & Spell

Your kids will be engaged, entertained and immersed in Mandarin Chinese as they play our educational games. The voices use different tones and expressions - as a result, young language learners pick up on the subtleties of pronunciation.

  • Read and speak 100 Chinese words and phrases
  • Practice Chinese listening and pronounciation skills
  • Learn grammar and Chinese character recognition

  • Fun Chinese Learning Games for Kids

Awards & Reviews

Fun Chinese - shortlisted by Tutorful (formerly Tutora) as one of the best 60 education apps of 2017.

Shortlisted as one of the 60 best education apps of 2017 by Tutora


Awesome app. My kids were running around saying all of the colours in Mandarin with in half an hour of getting the app.

— Parent & Fun Chinese User


I'm a lower school Chinese teacher, and my kids love these games! This is the best app I've seen for kids' Chinese practice.

— Teacher & Fun Chinese User


This is probably one of the best apps to learn a language. It has all the ingredients....gameplay, interaction and learning is phonetic and colourful.

— Fun Chinese User

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